Webinar on “Green hydrogen Ports – from policy to practice”

On 25th of April the bilateral Energy Partnerships- and dialogues along with the International Hydrogen Ramp-up program (H2Uppp) hosted a webinar on Green Hydrogen Ports on behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). More than 150 joined the webinar.

The event aimed at identifying solutions for effectively managing and piloting the hydrogen economic transition in oversea ports.

The high-level dialogue intended to pave the way for accelerating the development of ports into hydrogen hubs. To this end, various speakers from public and private sector presented their approaches and insights.

You can download the presentations held in the webinar by clicking on the links below:

Green Hydrogen Ceara Strategy from Policy to Practice

Energy Hub Port of Wilhelmshaven

Framework for Hydrogen port terminal investments - the private sector view

Green Hydrogen in Morocco - Green hydrogen Ports From policy to practice

Yara Clean Ammonia

Green Energy Port Bremerhaven

Hampurg Port Authority: Implementation of Hydrogen MoUs – the Importer‘s view